How Football Players Transition to The Cold


Stan Buell

Cole Peters, Staff Writer

Ah football, for some it is the highlight of fall. The games get colder as the season goes on, and winter slowly invades the field. Chills gradually make their way up the arms of cold fans and players and that is when they know, winter is coming.

How the players react to the dropping temperatures and new surroundings such as snow can be varied in different ways.

“ We pretty much go off the field and into the weightroom,” Lucas Wuis ‘22 said . The weight room seems to be the place where the players go to first because staying in shape and getting ready for the next season is crucial when it comes to football. Another way players transition into winter is they change what they wear under all of their football gear.

“ I put a sweatshirt underneath my football pads to stay warm while practicing,” Kobey Horton ‘22 said. Some players put on sweatshirts or long sleeves under their gear or they put on tights to keep their legs warm in the crisp temperatures.

“ I wear tights for my legs and sometimes I put on my long sleeves,” Max Rietkerk ‘22 said. But what they wear comes down to what the weather is like. The players have there own opinion on playing in different weather conditions.

“ I prefer to play in weather that is about medium like 60 degrees,” Horton said. The different categories when it comes to temperatures are hot, warm, cold chilly, and bitter. But like goldilocks says Horton likes it just right.

 When the football season closes people get into other sports they were in before it started.

“I would know that football season over and basketball season is almost here,” Daeshawn Schumaker ‘22 said. Basketball tends to be a common sport football players get back into. Wrestling is also another sport players return to and it helps with working on strength and technique which is vital for football

“After football I start getting ready for wrestling,” Rietkerk said. Some players get back into conditioning and others transition into other sports they  played and were previously involved in.