Quarantine Athletes

Luke Tiller

School is currently mostly done over the internet; however, some activities are not able to be done remotely. One of those is being a state champion swimmer.

Student-Athlete Riley Nugent ‘22 shares some of the ways Covid has affected her high school swim experience. 

“I usually wake up depending on the time I have to be at the meet, which varies. I’m not a huge breakfast person so I’ll eat like a granola bar or a piece of toast with peanut butter in the morning,” Nugent said. 

She always packs her bag the night before so all she has to do is get up, get dressed, and eat something small. 

“On a state meet, we usually go to the pool to ride to a hotel together with my teammates,” she said. 

Practice takes up a large part of her day.

“I will get up at 7:54 for school start my zooms at 8:00.  Do my school and leave my house around 2:40 for practice. I don’t do any special preparation just pack my bag super quick before I leave and fill up my water bottle. Once I get to the pool I do my QR code and wear my mask until we get into the pool,” Nugent said.

Covid has caused every sport to alter its seasons with different rules and regulations.  Swim is no different.  

¨Things are different because we had to split our lames in half so there are not as many people in the same lane so we can socially distance. A lot of fun stuff that we do normally as a team we didn’t get to do,” said Nugent.