Self Care: What’s the Big Idea?


Mia Perrin, Staff Writer

     If quarantine taught us anything, it’s that self-care is more important than we may think. Whether it’s a 10-step skincare routine that makes you feel like a model or simply just listening to your favorite song, we all deserve a little break. If this whole concept seems foreign to you, here are a few things to get you started in the wondrous world of self-care. 

  • Journaling

     Although it seems like a cliche, journaling has been proven to alleviate stress and benefit overall health. In an experimental study conducted by Michigan State, the data showed that journaling gave the brain time to ‘cool down’ from the stress of life. They compared stress and life to multi-tasking. If stress and worry were something on the minds of the subjects along with their coursework, it was like juggling two things at once. If they put their stressful thoughts down on paper, it was alleviating that part of their thoughts and allowed them to focus on their studies and social life. 

  • Listening to Your Favorite Music

     Usually, people don’t think twice about music. That is, until, they forget their headphones at home. Music does have more of an impact than we realize. According to a study by MDPI, listening to music drastically reduces cortisol levels in the brain. Cortisol is the hormone in your brain that controls stress and adrenaline levels. So whenever you’re feeling anxious or stressed, listening to your favorite tunes can alleviate that.

     When asked about his favorite form of self-care, instructional coach Chase Mielke said that he really prioritizes sleep hygiene.

      “Allowing myself to recharge and reenergize so I can better tackle [stress, anxiety, depression],… is super important”, said Mielke. 

     Making sure that we take the time to take care of ourselves in this transitional period is critical in regards to mental health. Make sure to take time for yourself in the coming months.  You deserve it!