The Perfect Valentine’s Day

Brendan Smith

Everyone has their own version of what a perfect Valentine’s Day would be; some would prefer staying inside, while others like a fancy dinner date. But not every Valentine’s Day goes according to plan. In fact, some go horribly wrong.

Different people have different preferences on what they would like to do on Valentine’s Day.

“My ideal Valentine’s Day is going to the bowling alley with my girlfriend, then a fancy restaurant dinner date,” said Thomas Sapletal ‘21. “I’m more of a sit down so we can talk and just eat and have a romantic night, said Sapletal.

His ideal date might have to be a little different due to Covid, but it’s still possible. As is that of Andrew Glascock ‘21.

“My ideal date would be wake up early, make breakfast with her, go out have some fun, get lunch come home, and make some dinner and watch a movie and cuddle by the fire,” said Glascock. 

Valentine’s memories can last a lifetime.

“My best memory was the first Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend, that was the first time we got a whole day to ourselves and got to finally have our alone time,” said Glascock.

Even though Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a special day for couples, sometimes the day doesn’t always go to plan.

“This guy broke things off with me on Valentine’s Day. He ate my gift that he got me, and I just ended up giving the candy I had gotten him to my neighbors,” said Nicole Charles ‘23.

He acted as nothing had happened between them, she said. “So the actual gift that I got him I tried to burn but it didn’t burn so I just threw it away,” said Charles. 

Valentine’s Day is a special day for all couples all over the world, this day is a day dedicated to couples and is meant to be a day that makes memories that’ll last a lifetime, however that doesn’t always happen.