Best And Worst Valentine’s Day Memories

Hailey and Laken

Although Valentine’s Day is supposed to be full of love and appreciation, many people don’t have the fondest memories from that specific day. 

Like Maya Johnson ‘23, who had someone ask her to be their Valentine and it turned out that he also asked four other girls.

“It was kind of funny because I had no idea until months later, but we were all friends and once we all found out we couldn’t stop laughing about it,” Johnson said.

This has happened on more than one occasion, though, with a different person.

“In seventh grade, I was talking to a boy, and he asked me to be his Valentine. We hung out all day at school and he got me some chocolates. I thought really really liked me. We kept talking and it lasted for around two years,” said Drue Fontaine ‘23. So although that sounds promising, that’s not the end. 

“Freshmen year I went skiing with a friend and Valentine’s Day was coming up and we were talking about our past Valentines. Well, turns out we had the same Valentine in seventh grade, and the worst part is that she got a better present than me,” said Drue Fontaine ‘23.

Although chocolates taste really good, Valentine’s Day just isn’t for everybody. There are plenty of people who have had good Valentine’s Day experiences, though. 

“Each year, my mom gives me a basket full of candy and chocolate and it’s always so fun,” said Natalie Anson ‘23.

Just like Anson and her wonderful memory of Valentine’s Day each year, Kyren Anderson ‘23 experiences somewhat of the same memory on this day.

“Every year, I and my family go to the K-Wings Hockey game and dye the ice pink for Valentine’s Day. It’s super fun and we’re into hockey because my dad used to play for a really long time. Unfortunately, this year we can’t do this, due to COVID,” said Anderson.

See? Not all people have bad memories of Valentine’s Day.