Trojan Grudgefest: Will it ever end?


Grace Carlyle, SATIRE, Staff Writer

     Feuds between upperclassmen and underclassmen have been going on for decades. The idea is that the Juniors and Seniors should be more respected by the underclassmen. Looking closer at some of these feuds, we came to the conclusion that not many of these feuds are looking for a solution anytime soon.

Riley Nugent & Maria Johnson

   Riley Nugent ‘22 and Maria Johnson ‘24 met last year through the PHS girls swim team. When asked about each other, Nugent did not have anything nice to say.

“My favorite thing about Maria is her laugh, and my least favorite thing about her is that she is ugly,” said Nugent.

“My least favorite thing about her is that she is good at everything,” said Johnson. 

     When asked why they are feuding, Nugent said it is because Johnson is rude to her. In regards to resolving the issue, they said that they are not planning on making up anytime soon. 

“I am going to college in a couple of months, so I never have to see her again so it’s fine,” said Nugent. 

     Jazz Madison ‘25 and Camden Frederick ’23 met through Jazz’s brother, Steele Madison ‘23.  Unlike the other upperclassmen interviewed., Frederick had some nice things to say.

 “I like how subtly funny she is. She will never say anything outright, she is just a very funny person,” said Frederick.

“My favorite thing about him is that we have the same music taste,” said Jazz Madison ‘25.

     After knowing each other for so long, things are no longer like this between these two. 

     When asked about their feud, “She smells really bad, so that’s one, and again, she is naturally a freshman,” said Frederick.

      In terms of resolving this, “He’s got to get some better style,” said Jazz Madison ‘25. Frederick said that he does not see any resolution happening in the near future. The seniors are graduating this spring, so hopefully, some of these feuds will end.