Where Are They Now?


Jarrod Wardin, Staff Writer

When going to high school, you meet many different people and may spend a lot of time with them during these four years. But afterwards, you do not necessarily get to see them again. This is an update on some of the students who recently graduated from Plainwell High School.

The first person that will give an update is Freddie Gonzalez ‘18. He left high school and went into the workforce, but how was the transition from school to the workforce?

“It was easy because the schedule was about the same,” said Gonzalez. So you would not have to change the times you do things, like waking up early or how long it is that you have to do work.

One question students always ask teachers is, “is this useful what we are learning?” Well Gonzalez will tell you yes. Here is what he said was the most useful.

Where he works is at Walmart in Plainwell.

“Math because I am a cashier and deal with numbers,” Gonzalez said.

Some students that are asking about going to the workforce have some questions. Well  here is what he has to say about going straight to the workforce.

“It was definitely a great experience starting young,” Gonzalez said.

Although there is something that he misses from school and that is “sports”.

Overall here is some advice for the seniors of this year that he would want to tell you.

“Choose something that you will receive good skills from,” Gonzalez said.

The next person that left high school last year went to the Navy. She is Madison Fenner ‘18. She has had a harder transition.

”Being away from home was the hardest part about the transition from high school to the Navy. But my experience probably only relates to those who are going into the military because not many others just pack and leave after high school like I did.” Fenner said.

But is this something that she still likes to do?

“Yes I am still happy I joined the Navy. It has challenged me in a way that has made me grow in lots of ways and I continue to grow stronger, smarter, and better with my shipmates everyday.” Fenner said.

But she disagrees with Gonzalez on school classes.

“None of the classes in high school helped me here. I can still with 100 percent certainty say high school was just a huge waste of time,” Fenner said.

She has some advice for the seniors of this year to know.

“As far as advice I’ve got for new grads, just go and get lost in this world then find your way back.  You know, what’s the point of having this great ship if it just stays at port all the time?” Fenner said.