The roaring 20s dance


Kaitlin Jezdimir

Mallori Gritter, Staff Writer

Lots of time, stress, collaboration and feedback come with signing up for Senate. The Student Senate holds the responsibility of planning most of these events. Students tend to look past what goes behind the scenes and all the work put into an event.

The Snowcoming dance, in particular, is a big event that this group is in charge of. Students have to plan the theme, playlist, decorations and be sure to get it all approved. 

Having lots on their plate, they have to be sure to look over every little detail. Pressure arises with this.

“Snowcoming week is the most stressful for senate,” President Jayley Streeter ‘20 said. 

According to Streeter, the hardest part about planning is getting things done in a timely matter. 

With lots to plan, senators make sure not to procrastinate until the last minute. Specifically, a big event like Snowcoming takes around one month to solidify the plan. They start organizing as soon as possible and utilizing their time to its fullest extent. 

When planning for a theme, the officer who is in charge of the dance has the final decision. The officer, this year being Secretary Kristen Quertermus ‘20, tries to pick a theme that is original and not repeated from other years. For instance, this year’s theme is “Roaring 20s” because of the new decade.

“We try to make our themes fun and relevant,” Streeter said.

Organizing a playlist is a difficult obstacle the senate overcomes every school dance. Lots of things come into play. 

“The most difficult is getting the playlist figured out. We decide what we want, get it approved from [Assistant Principal Debra] Beals, then she denies songs so we have to revise and repeat. After that, we send the final draft to the DJ,” Quertermus said. 

Although there are times of struggle and obstacles to overcome, the result is “rewarding and worth any struggle,” Streeter said. 

Last year’s Snowcoming was not ordinary. According to Vice President Alex Gabala ‘20, due to all of the snowdays the Student Senate was close to canceling the dance and the DJ was not going off of the school’s music playlist. 

Even though the dance last year was rushed, it was a blast for many. 

“The best dance I have ever been to was last year’s Snowcoming,”  Maddy Rogers ‘20 said. 

With no snow days and seemingly enough time to plan, Snowcoming 2020 is traditional. Students will be able to commemorate the night in a photo booth. The spirit days and theme are new and the dance should not have to be cancelled. 

“We put lots of hard work into it and it is a good time with your friends,” Gabala said.