AP Testing Time


Jenna VanDyk

Nate Vanderboon yells at Jane Kostanko for making the test too hard.

Kelsie Boylan, Staff Writer

AP testing can be a stressful time for the students taking the test. After paying $90 to take the test the students could be worried about not passing the test and not getting the college credit. With all of the snow days that have happened over the winter a lot of time was taken out of our classes, so do the students feel prepared to take the test?

“No, I feel as though we haven’t done enough to prepare”, said Grace Barth ‘21.

The nine total snow days has taken a toll on the curriculum schedule and had overall given us less time to go over the different units. Though the college board has given many of the AP classes and extension because of the snow days.  Now with the extensions some of the exams have caused stress on seniors because of graduation. Is the extension useful for seniors taking these classes?

“No, because I have to take an AP exam on graduation day”, Gabby Evans ‘19.

With some of the exams being pushed back because of the extension it has caused stress on the some of the seniors who are taking AP U.S history and biology. The exams for both classes are on May 23, which is senior graduation.

Once the AP exams are over the scores don’t come out until the summer which can cause stress on the students. With 57.2 pervent of students who take the test passing with a 3. It can be a stressful period to not know if you have passed and got the college credit.