Spring Break Plans

Alaina Ryan, Staff Writer

For most students, spring break is a welcome week of relaxation, without the worries of homework and tests. In an era where stress is on an all-time high for students around the world, breaks are periods of recovery. Thus said, many students choose to make the most of their breaks by going on trips (get-aways filled with activities and sights to see) and vacations (a time for simple relaxation and laziness).


Of the most popular spring break destinations in Tampa Bay, Florida, and the state of Florida as a whole. Like many of their senior citizen counterparts, students soak in the ultra-violet rays in the Sunshine State. After a long winter of snow, ice, and wind, eighty-degree days don’t sound too bad. 


After sending out a survey to the students of Plainwell High School, it seems that many of us are traveling for spring break this year. Around 80% of students reported that they are going somewhere for the break, with 81.6% of that 80% going out of the state but staying in the country. However, one student, Owen Farris (‘25), reported that he and his family, including older brother Nathan Farris (‘22), are going out of the country and visiting the British Virgin Islands on a catamaran, a type of sailboat. It’s safe to say that many are jealous of the Farrises. 


As for the other travelers, many who are going out of state are going to Florida. More specifically, they are traveling to Orlando. The band and choirs are going on a trip to Disney over spring break and are getting the chance to perform there. Of the 33 people who are traveling out of state, 29 reported that they are going with the music department to the so-called happiest place on Earth. 


Overall, spring break is a fun time for everyone to have a chance at relaxation and refreshment. The pause in schoolwork is a great time for students to recover from the stress of high school and take the chance to calm down.