Job opportunities and Community service

Courtney Paddock

There are a lot of high school students trying to look for jobs nowadays, sometimes it’s really hard to find one because there are places that aren’t hiring or the requirements aren’t met. Well if you are 16 and older looking for a job, there are some that are looking to hire. If you are a sales associate type of person, there are some places that were found. Do you like shoes, and know a lot about them? Well Journeys located in Crossroads Mall is the place for you. Journeys is a shoe store, but they sell some accessories like backpacks and shirts. Journeys has a variety of shoes to choose from. If shoes aren’t your thing, what about clothes? There is a stylist opportunity at Maurice’s located in Portage, or Aeropostale located in Crossroads mall. Maurice’s is a clothing store that has new and cute styles coming out all the time. Aeropostale has cute styles too. Both places are very good work environments and are very welcoming. But, if clothes and shoes are your thing, do you like working with accessories? Hot topic is your place. Hot topic is a place where there are so many accessories for just about anything. Anywhere from anime to some of the simplest things. If you don’t like any of those places, there is a home improvement store that is looking for more employees. Menards on Gull Road is becoming very short staffed and needs more in any department. For all of these jobs, they require you to be 16 and older. 

If you don’t want to be a sales associate and prefer the food industry, there are a couple places that were found as well. Applebee’s in Plainwell is looking for a host, looking to pay $11-$18/hour. Biggby in Allegan is looking for a Barista, looking to pay $9.75-$11.75/hour. Red Robin in Portage is looking for a host, looking to pay $13/hour. All of these jobs, sales associate and food industry are part time for high school students.

In terms of community service, Plainwell High School students are required to have a certain amount of community service hours as a graduation requirement. Some of these students have no idea what to do to get those hours. Christian Neighbors and The Salvation Army both located in Plainwell are looking for helpers. The Kalamazoo Nature Center and the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue are looking for volunteers. All of these places are easy ways to earn community service. Just stop by and ask them if they are willing to help you earn community service while you are helping them.