It’s About Personal Freedom


Westin Ramsey, OPINION, Staff Writer

     We are all sick of hearing about the controversy of masks from the news. Especially after the vaccines became approved. Since then the battle between mask or no mask has been raging with no stop. My personal opinion on this issue is that because many people are fully vaccinated, there is no need for masks anymore. I have always believed that the vaccine is safe, even after the false news started spreading. Whether it’s Moderna or Pfizer, I knew that an end was in sight. Even though science says that masks stop the transmission of Covid, I believe the science behind that vaccine. But don’t get me wrong masks work though. Now society in America can slowly get rid of masks and Covid. But masks have become a hot political issue locally and nationally. Parents have overreacted in this debate and think that masks are a violation of our rights. It is not though. The government is doing its best to keep everyone safe and defeat Covid once and for all. I believe that if the person is fully vaccinated, no masks are required.