How long is too long?

Grace Carlyle, Writer

Television shows have always been a big hit across the globe. But at what point will it be time for those shows to end? Grey’s anatomy is an 18 season show that has been going on since 2005. It takes you through the main character, Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo), and her life starting out as a doctor, along with her personal relationships. The show, owned by ABC, has just gotten cleared to film the 19th season. Recently, Pompeo has expressed that she wants the show to end. Criminal Minds, owned by CBS, has recently ended the 15 season long show. It consists of a group of FBI agents trying to break down different cases in each episode. The show was actively losing viewers, and the network felt as if it was being dragged on. Another series owned by CBS, The Big Bang Theory, has recently ended after 12 seasons. The show follows two scientist friends and how they talk to women. 

All of these shows have been airing for many years, and lots of viewers have differing opinions on the topic. 

“I think that shows need to end at season 10,” said Emma Schmidt ’25. 

Along with viewers, actors have also expressed feelings about wanting their shows to end. Grey’s Anatomy’s Pompeo has expressed multiple times that she feels the show is being dragged on. She’d like to branch out from acting and move towards an entrepreneurial lifestyle. 

“Shows should only have 8 seasons because then it gets super boring. I don’t feel this way about Grey’s Anatomy because they spice it up a lot,” said Christian Lilly ’23. 

Older shows, such as Looney Tunes, has 26 seasons. The first episode aired in 1960 and ran for 40 long years. Shows like these, South Park with 26 seasons; The Simpsons with 33 seasons. As more generations rise, these shows are slowly being washed away by the new generation’s interests. South Park and The Simpsons have new episodes that are still coming out. Streaming services such as Netflix, Peacock, and HBO Max are taking over the television industry. These new streaming platforms are stealing viewers from normal television shows. 

“Netflix has no commercials, so that’s why it’s better,” said Trenton Cooper ’23.

HBO Max has recently started airing the second season of Euphoria, a show about high school students and their struggles with drug abuse. The show’s new episodes are being aired on both HBO’s streaming network along with cable television at the same time every Sunday; both with commercials. This causes it to bring in more viewers that do not want to pay for a streaming service. 

“I like to watch it on HBO max because it is convenient and I really like the show,” said Madison Werner ’23. 

When polled, 36% of Plainwell High School students said that they would prefer a television series to last 3 to 5 seasons. Freshmen Addison Bohne agreed with this. 

“Because it is not too long and not too short. It gives them enough time to get everything in, but it isn’t too much to watch,” said Bohne ’25. 

  Watching television shows is a great way to relax after a long day of school. What show is your favorite?