Why We Enlisted


Kyle Roman, Staff Writer

Kyle Roman

 Many of you probably know that a lot of seniors have made the decision to serve in the Marine corps.  I am sure many know that I have planned on enlisting for a long time.  There are currently six of us in the Marine Corps delayed entry program from Plainwell High school and at least one more is getting ready to enlist.  Here I am going to tell you why we made the decision to serve. 

     I knew I wanted to become a Marine since I was a little kid, my Grandpa is a Marine and I wanted to be just like him when I was little.  As I got to high school I still wanted to be like my Grandpa but also going into the service gives me a paying job, job training, tuition assistance, many benefits, and more benefits at the cost of your tax dollars.  If I like it and I stay in, I can get a pension and only be 37 years old.  If I decide to get out I have job training that should be transferable to the civilian world.

     ¨To prove to my family that I could do it as well as I have always wanted to join the military to help people out¨ said Dakota Dunklee ‘22 who enlisted last June.

Blake Collard

      “The reason I enlisted was because I had nothing else to do and I wanted good opportunities and the service did that. The Marine Corps especially have made me feel like a family with the bond it has created with one another, they have workouts every Saturday which is fun and killing at the same time depending on the workout¨ Said Blake Collard ´22 who enlisted last June. 

     ¨He did not really have anything for after high school and the Marines can set me up for success¨ Said Andrew Suddon ´22 who enlisted last month.

     I think the Marines will be an adventure for all of us who have enlisted and I think there will be good and bad to the service like other jobs.  I think there will be good and bad leadership in the service. I do not think the military is for everyone and I am done telling everyone to enlist like I have before.  If you are interested in the service there are other branches to look at besides the Marine Corps, I encourage people to talk to multiple recruiters and make their own decision on enlisting and if so what branch to enlist in.