There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Single

Natalie Elliott

What’s the whole issue with being single? Nothing. So why is there such a stigma around it? Because it’s supposedly bad to be single, people are pressured into dating someone, which leads to poor relationship decisions that could really mess up someone’s life. For one reason or another, people need to hear this: there is nothing wrong with being single. 

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, some people are feeling really crappy because this over-commercialized holiday is making them feel like they have to find someone just to be happy and appreciate the month of February. If you ask me, that’s ridiculous. There are plenty of reasons why not being a part of a couple is perfectly fine.

First off, there’s personal preference: some people for whatever reason, just don’t like or want to be in a relationship. Maybe they’re not into anyone in their daily environment, maybe they aren’t looking for someone at the moment.  It has nothing to do with their sexuality, they just don’t want to be in a relationship at the time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There is also the obvious fact that rushing into a relationship will create a very impersonal connection, which usually won’t last long, and people just might want to avoid that.

Next is that maybe they just went through a breakup, or know someone in a bad relationship, and really don’t feel comfortable in starting up a new relationship, and that’s why they’re currently single. There are a lot of negative emotions associated with relationships, romance, and the like that could easily turn someone off from starting one. 

Another reason why does that have to do with their sexuality or gender. For instance, gays or lesbians might be single because there aren’t any others that they know, so of course, they wouldn’t be with anyone. Similarly, anyone who doesn’t fall into any set gender category might have trouble finding someone because they don’t know anyone who is interested in people who don’t fall into any set gender category. Another sexuality-related reason is if the single person in question is asexual, aromantic, or both.  This would mean that they are physically averse to the idea of sex/sexual love (asexual), romantic love (aromantic), or both. Obviously, that would mean that they would feel uncomfortable in a traditional couple, and since society makes romantic relationships seem so important, Valentine’s Day tends to make many aromantic and asexual people feel pretty left out. The only real significance of Valentine’s Day is for couples, and even then, couples should appreciate each other on every day of the year, so really, there is no significance. 

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a reason for all the singles out there to feel left out- it should be another day to enjoy your life, and not a day to focus on what you don’t have. Being single shouldn’t have to be something to feel self-conscious about- there’s nothing superior about being single or about being with someone- so here’s my best to all the singles out there, ‘cause you’re all valid.