Halloween Around the World


Ally Mchoskey, Staff Writer

In America, we’re used to how we celebrate Halloween but there are lots of different ways other countries celebrate. Countries like Russia, Germany, France, and Portugal have their own ways of celebrating.  

Halloween in Russia

 In Russia, people are very vocal about how they do not celebrate Halloween and that it’s not welcomed within their country. Although in July on any day from the 21st to the 24th, a similar holiday is celebrated, which is Kupala Night. Originally celebrated on the 6 pr 7th. Natalya Sniff, who grew up in Russia, explained Kupala Night as, “celebration of the spirits and the dead. With fortune-telling and bonfires”.

Halloween in Germany

Although it is not common to celebrate Halloween, Germany celebrates Halloween by throwing pumpkin festivals and some people decorate their homes. The reason why Germany doesn’t typically celebrate Halloween is because it squeezes out German traditions such as Hexennacht which is also known as “Witches Night”, where teenagers play pranks on adults on April 30th. 

Halloween in France

Halloween officially started being celebrated in the 90s and is typically celebrated by trick or treating while wearing costumes and watching scary movies. 

All Saints Day or La Toussaint is more commonly celebrated than Halloween in France.

Halloween in Portugal

 Halloween in Portugal is very similar to Halloween in America in the sense that children go door to door asking for sweets. But what makes this form of celebration unique to Portugal, is that children have certain phrases they say when they get to the door which typically has something to do with the phrase “pão-por-Dues” which means “Bread for God.”