Graduation Parties During The Pandemic

Madalynn Almaguer

There is one annual activity everyone looks forward to as the school year comes to an end and seniors are graduating: grad parties. This pandemic year is a mixed bag; some people are having them some aren’t and people choosing to have a party are either keeping it small or having the grad party of their dreams.

Covid has made things like this more difficult to plan and even though more people are being vaccinate, it seems that more seniors this year will be attending grad parties than throwing them. However, some students are throwing bigger parties.

“Seventy people, more or less, will be there,” says Tristan Skinner ‘21.

Skinner is one of the few students having a grad party with more people in attendance than most. He also explained how he would address different safety concerns.

“I’ll have masks for sure. I’ll probably allow people to take them off when they are at the table and make sure they are social distanced,” says Skinner.

The biggest thing getting in the way of grad parties this year is still Covid, even though some regulations are starting to change. Students have to work around it and make sure their guests wear masks and social distance or keep it small and simple.

Senior Dillen Eagle for example, is doing invitations and handing them out to her intended guests. Those will be the only people who will be permitted to attend. This is a very popular method this year for the seniors. It allows them to keep things small, simple, and safe. Because Covid is still affecting our everyday lives, seniors do this to maintain caution while still making sure they have a grad party they will enjoy.

Grad parties do not seem to be that common this year, unfortunately. Luckily the seniors who are having grad parties are keeping the tradition alive.

Covid hasn’t just affected grad parties this year. Many of the seniors had sports cut short or postponed and weren’t able to enjoy many of the beloved traditions upperclassmen enjoyed before covid.

Traditions such as going to football games and screaming in the student section. Even things like Homecoming and Snowcoming wasn’t a thing this year. Students participating in theater have the chance to put on a play, but can’t have a crowd in attendance.

Grad parties are a chance for some seniors to have a last hurrah and enjoy the little things that can make this school year feel more normal.