Where’s The Best Place To Work For Plainwell Students?

Little Caesars

Little Caesars

Connor Buschini

Even in the small town of Plainwell, many students need to make money for things like new shoes, gas, and even college expenses. The way that most of these kids make money is through jobs. Many simple jobs can be found throughout the town, some hiring 16 year olds to adults. But, what are the best and worst jobs around town? 

Well, one senior had this to say about his experience working at Joe’s Pizza. 

It’s the best job ever because not everything is taken seriously. Everyone just kinda vibes together and does their thing. There is a lot of freedom in this job, although there is a certain level of responsibility held towards you since it is a job and everything.

— Jake Lunarde '21

This is useful information, because the students aren’t always able to know what the worker chemistry is like in the workplace without experiencing it. Looks like Joe’s Pizza could be a spot on the look out for. 

Another very well-reviewed job is Little Caesars. 

I’m a team member at Little Caesars Plainwell. I like my job because the entire store works as a team to complete orders. We have lots of funny moments. It’s a great place to work.

— Nate Faupel ‘21


It sounds like Little Caesars and Joe’s Pizza have a lot in common in the fact that there is good worker chemistry and it’s not too hard of labor.

However, not every place had the same good feelings associated with it. One location seemed to receive many negative reviews from its employees, although they weren’t willing to have their names attached to their comments. And that place is Pizza Hut. 

I used to work at the Plainwell Pizza Hut as a host. When I worked there they had me cleaning the top of the oven while it was still on, mopping bathrooms, cleaning heavily greased walls that I had to scrub clean. The only good part about that job was my fellow co-workers.

— A Male Sophomore

You may think that these are just normal duties of a minimum wage job, but when other students were asked their worst job ever, others said Pizza Hut as well.

Pizza Hut is the worst, I don’t like it because customers are always rude.

— A Male Senior

Multiple other students also gave Pizza Hut their number one spot for worst place to work at. The pizza might be good, but it sounds like the job isn’t worth it. 

Wesco is a gas station almost everyone in Plainwell is familiar with. But what is it like working there?  

Over the summer I worked at Wesco. I had to clean the bathrooms and empty the outside trash cans. People loved to empty their ashtrays in them. It would get all over the lid of the trash cans. And oftentimes people would throw away full cups of pop and the bags usually rip so “trash juice” would get all over. And I had to spray the trash cans down and let me tell you, some really weird colored liquids and stuff came out of them.

— A Female Junior

Every job has its drawbacks and its positives, and different employees might have different experiences. But perhaps now the list of where to work has been narrowed down a bit.