U Matter week is here!

Plainwell adopts UMatter week and students and staff are working hard to create a week full of spreading positivity.

Ruth-Ann Dalrymple, Staff Writer

U Matter Week is a dedicated time to focus on students’ mental health. This week was adopted by Plainwell Schools staff and is being driven by students. Made to raise awareness for depression, U Matter Week is going to happen March 9 through March 13. 

The U Matter Week groups have been working hard for the past few months to make sure that the week is successful. Assistant Principal Debra Beals shares that the group working on publicity and advertising has been working with district Communications director, Elizabeth Gallagher, and their plans for advertising took effect in early February.

“There are lots of plans that are final. The group working on publicity and advertising are ready, they met with Mrs. Gallagher, this morning for advertising. They already came up with a logo,” says Beals. 

Beals has also confirmed the schedule and sent an email to inform teachers and staff of the schedule during the week, which falls in the start of the third trimester. In the email, Beals says, “Plan on first thing morning PLUS times Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for 20 minutes each, with Monday being a 15-minute school assembly, and ending Friday with a school assembly with a speaker, lasting (50-60) minutes.” 

These won’t be regular Plus Times; they will feature different activities students can sign up to do with different teachers, such as learning yoga poses or making a craft.

Sign ups are outside of the cafeteria and will be available all week for students to decide what group they want to join.

On Friday, March 13, Plainwell graduate Shelby Lentz is speaking to the whole school in an all-school assembly about her life experiences as a pageant competitor, musician, and nonprofit organization founder.

There are other committees involved in planning for this week, such as “Mindfulness Workshops”, the “Performance” group, “Activities”, “What’s Your Spark” group, and the group working on providing a safe environment for all Plainwell students that have made final plans. However, there are still a lot of moving pieces. 

“We went from the idea stage to the planning stage. We have many final plans but I want it to be a surprise for the kids so I don’t want to reveal that much,” said Beals.