2nd trimester exam schedule

2nd trimester exam schedule

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Katie Anson, Media Editor

It’s that time of the year again, PHS. Get out your flashcards and put on you study caps, its exam time. Well, almost. To help you be proactive and get your schedule ready ahead of time, here is the schedule for next week:

**NOTE: The schedule has changed since last exam period!

March 2 and March 3 : Regular schedule

March 4:

1st hour                        7:40-8:05

2nd hour                      8:10-8:35

3rd hour                       8:40-9:05

4th hour                       9:10-9:35

5th hour                       9:40-10:05

1st lunch                      10:05-10:35

6th Hour                      10:40-11:05

2nd lunch                     10:35-11:05

6th Hour                      10:10-10:35

Locker cleanout          11:05-11:15

6th Hour EXAM     11:15-12:45

5th Hour EXAM     12:55-2:26

**AM Tech will run, students should choose

**PM Tech center at normal time

March 5:

4th hour EXAM     7:40-9:17

3rd hour EXAM     9:27-11:04

**No AM Tech center

**PM Tech center at normal time

March 6:

2nd hour EXAM    7:40-9:17

1st hour EXAM      9:27-11:04

**No AM Tech center

**PM Tech center at normal time

Good luck students!