It’s the most wonderful time of the year

That’s right… Exam Time!!!

Katie Anson, Media Editor

Plainwell students are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as trimester one comes to a close. But what we’ve all been wondering is- what is the exam schedule going to look like now that we will be taking six instead of five? Well the wait is over. Entering our 10th week of the trimester, administration has finally released the schedule for exam week. It is as follows:

November 18 and 19: Regular full day schedule

November 20:  1st hour                        7:40-8:20

2nd hour                      8:25-9:10

3rd hour                       9:15-9:55

1st lunch                       9:55-10:20

4th hour A                    10:25-11:05

4th hour B                    10:00-10:40

2nd lunch                     10:40-11:05

Locker clean-out        11:05-11:15

         5th hour EXAM      11:15-12:45

                          6th hour EXAM      12:55-2:26

AM Tech Center          7:40-10:10

PM Tech Center         Normal Time

November 21:  4th hour EXAM     7:40-9:17

3rd hour EXAM     9:27-11:04

November 22:  2nd hour EXAM    7:40-9:17

1st hour EXAM      9:27-11:04

Good luck PHS students!