Wednesday Night Lights

Kayelee Marshall, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, October 3rd at 7:00pm the Senior and Junior girls will go head to head in the annual Powder Puff, flag football, game.

The Coaches will have only 2 hours of practice time to teach the girls enough about football to play a game. The head coach of the Seniors is Tristan James ‘19. The head coach of the Juniors is Aiden Brown ‘20.  

The teams had very different experiences of efficiency at practice.

“The first practice was awful, we didn’t get any work done. It’s important to teach them out of bounds, they think it’s soccer,” said James ‘19.

“Practice has been going great, couldn’t be better. It’s important to start with the basics,” said Brown ‘20.

However they are both very confident in their teams winning on Wednesday night. When asked to predict the score of the game the coaches had big expectations.

“326 to -14 by half time,” said James ‘19. “77 to -14,” said Brown ’20.

The girls are excited about Wednesday night. Shanyn Jewel ‘19, the quarterback for the senior team, said her team will be better this year because “more girls actually understand the game, and experience makes it easier to decide positions”.  

The Seniors do have an advantage when it comes to experience; however, the Juniors are definitely not counting themselves out.

“We are going to win,” said Kate Farho ‘20.  “Not to be straight forward but the Seniors are going to take a fat L,” said Marlee Fulbright ‘20.

Fulbright ‘20 is an experienced football player. She played tackle football until she was a Sophomore in High School. When asked what kind of tricks the Juniors have up their sleeve Fulbright ‘20 said “me”.

Come support your team by donating to the grade of your choice, at half time all the donations will be added up and the team with the most money will get the ball at the start of the second half.