Corona During Christmas


Maddie Zugel Online Shopping

Reese Buschini

No more spending time with your favorite cousins around the Christmas tree because of this COVID 19 pandemic. 

Gatherings during this holiday season could be the time to reconnect with family that you haven’t seen during this pandemic, but some holiday plans might be delayed to keep everyone safe. 

Exposure during this time could be a high risk for people’s health from traveling from airports, train rides, bus stations, etc. The number of people during gatherings and not taking precautions could be at a high risk as well. 

I think that Christmas could be different because people will be more worried about getting COVID and giving it to their loved ones. So there could be less Christmas parties and get-togethers, depending on how cautious families are.”

— William Gernatt ‘23

Even if you aren’t traveling or gathering with family the risk of getting exposed or exposing a loved on is still a possibility.

I feel as if online will do very well this holiday season due to a tremendous amount of people online shopping because they don’t want to go out. The limit of people in stores could also help out online stores, some people might not want to go shopping at the actual stores because they don’t want to be that close to so many people.”

— Maija Crosby ‘22

Many people want to carry out their normal traditions but are still fearful of COVID and will take precautions.

I think that most people will have Christmas festivities as usual, but I know there will probably be come COVID freaks that will do things differently, like Zoom calling instead of meeting in person.”

— Brendan Burch ‘22

Christmas time is all about spending time with your loved ones but due to the new restrictions of COVID that might take it away.

I feel like due to being on lockdown they won’t really let big gatherings happen. Christmas is all about getting together with family and having fun. I also feel like Corona might kinda take that away or take away the love and the meaning of Christmas but if you think about it there is nothing Corona hasn’t changed.”

— Taylor Goyings ‘23

It is your opinion if you take precautions or not but you should be mindful if other people don’t believe the same thing you believe in whether you social distance or not. 

I think it depends on people’s traditions and what they normally do on Christmas. I had to cancel my plans with my parents because I didn’t want to be in an airport at the time. I don’t think it will be too different, it honestly depends on peoples personal opinions and how they want to distance themselves from family members.”

— Social Studies Teacher Lauren Ciecierski

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and what they want to do during this time unless it is made a law. Some people might make smart decisions while some don’t as social distancing is around.