Behind the Scene of Homecoming


By Kate McMahon

Homecoming week at Plainwell High School is always chaotic. Students are worried about what they’re going to wear to the dance, but what about the preparation for the dance and spirit week?

Mariah Crandall ’16, president of the Student Senate, is in charge of spirit week and deciding the themes for each day.  

“Spirit days are for participation,” said Crandall.

The senate has to put in a lot of thought on what themes the students will participate in and what is going to be popular to the student body as a whole.

Crandall also mentioned that she is under a lot of stress to make sure that the spirit week is not the same as past years and is not the same as other schools.

“The most stressful part is informing everyone so the week is fun,” said Crandall.

Jake Wisnaski ‘16 is in charge of the parade committee for homecoming.

“Contacting people and actually getting a call back from companies is the most stressful part by far,” said Wisnaski.

Contacting the fire station, neighboring houses, police stations, etc.  can take a lot of time and anxiety to make sure everything goes as planned.

“Each sports team is responsible for each float.  The teams are to supply their own trailer and truck,” said Wisnaski.

To keep from the senators being in charge of every float, each sports team helps out with cleaning up their own floats that they make with their own supplies and providing their own vehicle.

“After the parade is just a chance to breathe because everything went well,” said Wisnaski.

With all of the stress involved with homecoming, the Student Senate needs some extra help from the community.

Teachers from Plainwell help chaperone the dance and keep it under control.

“For the most part the dance is a lot of fun but it can be awkward at times,” said math teacher and football coach Tim Rieman.

The dance calls for a lot of awkward dancing and anything could happen on the dancefloor.

“The most stressful thing is having to talk to kids that are not doing what they are supposed to be doing,” said Reiman.

With the pressure of having to control 100 or more students in a packed cafeteria, confronting kids for their provocative dancing can be a weird conversation.

The student senators also enjoy homecoming week. Despite stress it comes with certain perks.

“Cleaning up the dance is fun and we get free doughnuts!” said Wisnaski.