The Best Places to Trick or Treat


     Many people struggle to find an actual good place to trick or treat. Where the candy is king-sized. We interviewed many students on their favorite places to trick or treat. From king-sized candy bars to decorative lawns, we have the answer to the best neighborhood for trick or treating this year.

     Many students participated in a poll that we did for places to trick or treat. 

     “I’d have to say Lake Doster,” Ben Zabaldo ‘24 responded.  

     This was our overall most popular answer.  However, Zabaldo also said that they gave out lots of king-sized candies.

     BUT… That doesn’t necessarily mean that Lake Doster is the best. Another frequent answer was Rolling Meadows. Lake Doster is the best location for candy, but Rolling Meadows has decorations, spaciousness, and most people are super friendly. 

     “Oh yeah, a lot of people there are nice,” Anessa Jaeger ‘25. 

     If you want the most amount of candy, such as KitKats, Lake Doster is the place to go. But if you want to have the best time, while still acquiring a good supply of candy, Rolling Meadows is the best option. Rolling meadows is spacious and decorative while Lake Doster contains lots of treats.  It’s up to you to decide what suits your preferences better.