Christmas Break Activities


COVID challenged many families whether or not they were able to see each other over Christmas break, but most found a way to preserve the traditions even if they looked a little different. 

A few students still ended up traveling and trying to make the best of the circumstances they have been put in.

 “Over break I went to Florida, which was definitely needed, and had very nice warm weather. It was just really nice to get out of Michigan,” said Natalie Anson ‘23.

Just like Anson, Brianna Rowe ‘23 also got to enjoy the same experience, and was able to escape from the cold weather here in Michigan. 

“I went to Florida and was at the beach with some family. We had lots of fun adventures together and ended up driving so we saw a lot of cool trees and mountains on the way there. In Florida we went to Disney World. It was a very fun experience; we were always at the beach, ” said Rowe.

These two students were able to come up with such a fun plan to keep themselves busy during break and definitely didn’t let COVID-19 get in the way of anything they were going to do. Traveling was a big hit between them and let them have entertainment during these hard times. 

Others took this opportunity to stay home and relax and stay out of all of the craziness outside of their houses. Many just wanted to settle in their houses and take their break to restart. Students tried to come up with activities at home that they could do without getting themselves caught up in COVID.

 “I baked Christmas cookies and saw some family. It’s hard to think of what I did because I didn’t do much,” said Catey Engel ‘24.

On the same boat as Engel, Maya Johnson also took this time to stay home and do some of her own activities. 

“I stayed home and caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, went skiing with some friends and hung out with some family members, ” said Johnson. 

Just like figuring out new ways to cope with learning that doesn’t look like what we’re used to, students had to figure out new ways to celebrate the holidays.