Student/Staff Experiences with Covid


Brendan Smith

One year ago the world was much different from where it is now. We didn’t have to wear masks everywhere we went, we could go to school, work, see friends and family with little to no issue but with the COVID-19 pandemic, all of that has changed dramatically. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in many different ways. But with that in mind, many of us have also shared the same kinds of experiences. It has put several restrictions on what we can and cannot do in our daily lives.

Many have their own opinions on how this pandemic could shape out in the coming months, but it has to end eventually and with the vaccine, it’s only a matter of time now. 

“Overall it’s been improving,” said Taylor Seibert ‘22. “By summer we could be back to normal and with the vaccine maybe sooner,” said Seibert.

“Fully back on track probably not for another year, but I do see it slowly getting better over time,” said Kayla Benson ‘23.

With the pandemic hitting us all hard we haven’t been able to see families and friends as much or in some cases at all.

 “I haven’t seen my parents as much,” said English Teacher Abigail Cummings.

 “We had to stop in the fall,” Cummings said. 

“I can’t see my grandparents at all,” Mason Molitor ‘21 said. 

More restraint has been put on all of us and we all have had different experiences with it; there are things we all miss doing. 

“The biggest thing I miss is my students and five minutes before class and the end of class just chatting and the daily banter,” Business & Technology Teacher Ryan Beauregard said.

 “I’m stuck inside a ton more,.” Benson said. “Little more restricted on what I can and can’t do when I visit with my grandparents I have to wear a mask.” 

Sports play a big role in many high schooler’s day to day lives as a coach, viewer, and/or player. 

“There were so many restrictions on dive; we have to put on a mask the moment we get out of the pool,” Seibert said. 

“Our season was cut really short,” she said. 

As several student-athletes try and adapt to the sudden changes in their respective sports as do the coaches.

“Coaching has been very different for me,” Beauregard said.

 “The last 10 months that we haven’t had a full season, I would FaceTime the kids over summer and help them with juggling or whatever they needed. I hate the FaceTiming and prefer in-person coaching,” added Beauregard.

There are more changes ahead for both students and staff as the school transitions back to a hybrid schedule.