Freshman Experiences


The class of 2024 started their first year of high school in possibly the worst time ever. Freshman year is a time to experience new things and finally figure out who you are and who you are becoming as person. This class never really got the opportunity to do that, due to COVID-19. 

Some of the freshmen were affected because of the way that they are being taught, but they are trying to look at it positively. 

“For me personally, it’s been very overwhelming and hard to find motivation to do the work but it’s also just made me kind of sad considering that we aren’t getting a normal high school experience, like dances etc. But then again I’m grateful it’s only my freshman year and I still have three more years, unlike the seniors who got their whole year taken from them,” said Alex Thornton ’24. 

Thorton seems grateful for the fact that the freshmen class still have three more years to experience everything high school is about. 

The class of 2024 already had to make a big change going from middle school to high school, but now they also have to adjust to the way they are learning more advanced content. 

“Well it’s definitely different, but I’m actually enjoying it. It’s hard to do behind the screen all the time but the teachers are really helping me out a lot more than they would normally,” said Emily Stoeffler ‘24. 

The teachers are also having to make adjustments because most of them were not prepared, like many students. Everybody has had to adapt to the new learning environment and although it’s very different, hopefully it won’t have to be like this for long.

Sports have also had a negative effect on the freshman this year because most of the students haven’t even been able to play, and if they were able to it had to be adjusted majorly like having to wear masks and having to readjust. Most of the students are more focused on academics and trying to adjust and make the best out of things.

“I think other than sports it’s been good because I’ve learned to kind of teach myself with school and plus waking up it doesn’t have to be super early and it just hasn’t been horrible,” Ryan McDaniel ‘24.

Many students have different viewpoints on how their freshman year has gone so far and and how they would describe their experiences. Whatever opinion the freshmen may side with, the changes in academic learning has been recognized as a very big problem in today’s world.