Giving Over Receiving


Laura Groner

Christmas time is finally here and with it the important subject of gifts! It may not be what the holiday is all about, but it is definitely one of the pluses. Receiving gifts is nice, but giving is even better. 

 When we get a gift our satisfaction levels don’t last as long, but giving can bring some people more joy, in seeing and knowing the effect you have on the gift receiver. Receiving gifts is a sign that you are appreciated, but giving gifts lets you show others that you are important to them. It may sound cheesy, but it’s a nice feeling to have.

Giving is a lot better than receiving because you get to shop.

— Hana Nguyen ‘21

Another plus about giving over receiving is you get to go shopping for that person. When you receive a gift all you get to do is wait until the day you’ll get it, but when giving you can plan out what you’re doing. Giving allows you to be creative in what you’re giving, that being a funny picture or a lot of food.  The planning process allows you to spend time thinking about where you want to go, what you want to get, and how you want the present to look. Overall this engaging process lets us stay present at the moment, and is a form of entertainment that can help keep us preoccupied. 

Receiving gifts is fun, but it is only momentary, and cannot provide as much joy as seeing someone else open a gift you picked for them. Making others feel important is something our world needs more of, by doing this we are spreading kindness. Choosing to give rather than expecting to receive reflects a level of maturity. The holidays are fun, but also hard on some people, especially this year, so it is more vital than ever to be selfless this season in putting others before our wants. 

Overall both options are great, as it is important to play into the holiday spirit, but giving allows for more fun, being able to shop for someone else, and not having to wait for Christmas day to be able to do anything. Giving gifts shows maturity and allows us to remind our friends and family how important they are to us.