How Festive Are You?


Meghan Pallett Being Festive

Joe Mony

With the Christmas season coming around it’s not always merry. One of the biggest controversies often involves being festive, over festive, and festive too early. Some start listening to Christmas music as soon as Halloween is done and others don’t start until the week of Christmas.

I wouldn’t say I’m a festive person. I like the festivities, just as long as I’m not putting them together. I turn into the grinch if someone starts playing Christmas music before thanksgiving.”

— Alex Johnson ´21

Unlike the self-claimed grinch Alex, Payton Dam enjoys Christmas music well before Thanksgiving.

I’m a festive person and I love getting into the holiday spirit. I think listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving is perfectly acceptable.”

— Payton Dam ´21

I decorate and like the holiday but I’m not crazy. I watch Christmas movies and love giving gifts and decorating my house and tree.”

— Meghan Pallet ´21

I’m big into festivities, I love dressing up as Santa and walking around Kalamazoo around Christmas.”

— Drake Johnson ´21

Whether you’re like Alex Johnson and listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving makes your ears bleed, or you’re like Payton Dam; a complete opposite, we hope you can respect each others opinion and still have a wonderful holiday no matter what you celebrate and no matter how early you start listening to Christmas music.