The Grinchiest Senior


Jake Lunarde

Hailey Block

Christmas time is coming up so of course we need to talk about the most iconic christmas movie ever, The Grinch. Everyone knows that the Grinch hated christmas and was just all around pretty grumpy but then fell in love with Christmas and became happy. Some students believe that some of the students in the senior class represent The Grinch.

I wanna say Jake Lunarde because he hates little kids.”

— Jacob Carmody '23

Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends and more than likely that involves children. The grinch hated children and the spirit of Christmas.

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Morgan Haywar  because she and the grinch have the same attitude and are always cranky, love her though.”

— Peyton Lewis '22

On the other hand, the grinch did end up actually liking Christmas after he found people to spend Christmas with. 

Amber Widner because she loves Christmas.”

— Lauren Miller ‘23

Amber is on the swim team along with Lauren and they’ve become friends, but apparently its an inside joke as to why the whole swim team calls Amber the Grinch.

Freshman this year haven’t really been able to interact with many seniors because of the way schooling is currently set up. Not many freshmen even like being associated with seniors because they are scared of them, but that’s not necessarily the case for all of them, especially if they are somehow correlated into families.

I don’t really know any seniors besides my cousins boyfriend Connor Buschini. I’d say he’s a grinch because he is always with my cousin and never lets me have time to hangout with her.”

— Cayden Henckle ‘24

Typically seniors are supposed to come off as intimidating and a little bit scary. In the spirit of Christmas hopefully some of the attitudes will change, there might be a Christmas miracle.