Masks Need to Come Off for Sports

Reese Buschini

Since Covid-19 impacted the U.S.,  we have had to stay home or limit activities for approximately seven months and not be able to play sports. Now that things are slightly becoming normal again, sports are allowed to be played with the exception of wearing masks. Having to wear masks can affect many people in different ways like not being able to breathe well due to asthma or the heat from the exercise can make it hard to breathe, and they should not be required. 

“Centers of Disease Control and Prevention says face coverings may be challenging for players, especially young kids, to wear while playing sports, and recommends they should be worn by coaches, youth sports staff, officials, parents, and spectators as much as possible. Remember, masks are intended to protect the wearer. They’re intended to reduce the risk of spreading COVID 19 from the person wearing the mask,” according to Aspen Project Play.

I strongly agree with Aspen Project Play, I believe that the masks are hard to play in and the lack of oxygen can be very harmful in an intense sport. Players should not have to wear them while playing but coaches should. I feel like masks are doing more harm than good. People are getting injured due to masks and the negative effects they have on people when doing a sport. For example, a man suffered a collapsed lung while running with a mask on. There are many stories on how people are at risk of wearing masks, and how it isn’t doing anything in the first place. 

As an athlete, I am having to experience wearing a mask while playing volleyball, as it isn’t a very high-intensity sport like soccer or football with a lot of running it can still be a struggle to breathe at times. There are people on my team that have to deal with asthma and have had to be pulled out of the game because they could hardly breathe, I know you might be thinking why does she continue to play? But if it were you would you give up the sport you love the most just because of a mask? The MHSAA should change this rule so it doesn’t affect people’s health and should be more lenient on the rule.