Cough, cough…coronavirus 101

All you need to know


Mike Licht

Arika Estree, Staff Writer

Plague like diseases usually come around every 100 years or so, so the coronavirus starting to flare up isn’t very much of a shock. 

While there are no current cases in Michigan yet, it’s spreading and it’s spreading pretty fast. 

The worst of it is in China, where it originated. With around 500 deaths, over 24,000 people have been diagnosed with the virus and are living in quarantine until they are cleared.

Scientists have figured out the strand thats killing people is the 2019-nCoV.  

As of February 5th, the11th case as been identified in the United States. While there are no currently diagnosed cases in Michigan yet, there’s a possibility of there being some soon. 

There are two diagnosis in Chicago, IL. The government has been evacuating American citizens from Wuhan China to California.

Planes are going back and fourth getting Americans from China as the death toll rises, while not everyone gets a ticket home, most people are trying very hard to get out of China and get back to the US where they can get tested and treated if need be. 

This week, a family living in Portage Michigan just arrived home after a month log trip from China, and Portage parents are upset that those parents are sending their children to school without having them tested. 

The family soon decided after much backlash, that they will stay in their house for a couple days and see if they get symptoms.

People should be taking multiple precautions in order to not catch the virus, such as washing hands multiple times per day, showering every day, not being around people who are sick, and paying attention to the news updates about it.