Editors review: The Bachelor week three


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Katie Anson, Media Editor


Oh boy, this was a wild episode.

The episode started with Peter’s one-on-one with Victoria P. Victoria told him the story of her childhood, how she practically raised her sister after her father died and her mother battled addiction. I think her story is beautiful and I’m glad that she opened up to him and I’d say, by the way she’s been acting, that it definitely plays a role in her nurturing character.

And then, to no one’s surprise, the champagne war continued. Kelsey confronted Hannah Ann about the accusations made that Kelsey is a bully. I think this whole situation was blown way out of proportion and definitely should not have been talked about for that long. I think at this point they are equally in the wrong.

The drama surrounding the champagne seemed to be dropped when Sydney expressed concerns with Alayah during confession. I think it seemed to come out of nowhere but that’s usually how this stuff starts so I’m not that surprised. Sydney said she thinks that Alayah seems fake and that she puts on a show in front of Peter and the cameras. This was the main event of the night.

It started when Alayah beat Sydney in a pillow fight on the group date. I always find it humorous how serious the women take these games. And Sydney was real butt-hurt about this loss. At the cocktail party, Sydney told Peter about her opinions towards Alayah. I think this was a semi-good idea because it could’ve turned in to something really ugly but at the same time Peter shouldn’t have to keep putting out fires in the house when that’s not what he’s there to do.

I am very proud of Peter for addressing these comments with Alayah right away instead of waiting for something to happen between the two and cause an even bigger issue. I thought the conversation was going well until he basically said forget it and let her off the hook. That was my first red flag. After that, pretty much every other woman in the house told Peter the same things about Alayah and he spoke to her again.

In his confession Peter literally said that he knows how it feels to see the true side of someone, cough cough Luke P. on Hannah’s season, and at the point I thought Oh good, he gets it and he’s going to listen this time. But oh no, he did not. He once again let Alayah stay and believed every word she told him.

Never fear though, Victoria P. came through with the evidence. She told Peter that Alayah had asked her to lie about them knowing each other. I want to personally thank Victoria P. for ratting her out and also mention that I think she did so in a very respectful and elegant manner.

The way Alayah denied this was extremely amusing. She tried saying she did it because she did not want the two of them to be disqualified simply because they knew each other, which I’m pretty sure is not how it works. Her voice was wayyyy too high pitch for her to be telling the truth and she kept talking in circles which, to me, was very suspicious. Either way, Peter left the pool party confused, as anyone would be in that situation.

At the rose ceremony, you could feel the tension through the tv. And, in true Bachelor fashion, Alayah was left without a rose until the very last one. With two roses left and a crying Mykenna standing in front of him, Peter excuses himself from the room to gather his thoughts. After whispering and shakey camera work, Chris comes to the room, removes a rose, leaving just one left. Mykenna sheds more tears and sweat beads on Alayah’s forehead. I am on the edge of my seat ready to scream cuss words if Alayah recieves that rose. He picks it up, takes the deep breath that I’m pretty they all have to rehearse before the show, and gives the rose to Mykenna. Hallelujah.

I am so so so happy that Alayah is going home and right when I think I am going to sleep peacefully after a satisfying episode, the screen plays a clip of Peter whispering doubts to the crew about he thinks he might’ve made a mistake. GRR. If Alayah comes back I can’t promise that I won’t quit watching it. Actually yes I can but I’m going to be really really mad.

Time will tell. I”ll be back next week!