Freshman unfiltered: thoughts after trimester one

Landon Murphy, Staff Writer

As we get closer to the half way point of the school year, many freshmen are beginning to develop an overall understanding of how the high school works and figuring out many of the unspoken rules. Now, many freshmen are coming up with opinions and things they’d like to change about the high school.

Overall, most freshmen are enjoying high school and find it better than middle school.

“I’m definitely having more fun in high school than middle school, its more chill and the teachers have better ways of teaching,” Gabrielle Zugel ‘23 said. 

“Being in the high school gives you a sense of what it’s like to be in the real world, you’re given more independence when it comes to your own success,” Sam Gibson ‘23 said. 

These two freshmen both agree that high school gives you a better understanding of the real world when it comes to being independent. 

“I like how much independence each teacher gives us, it lets us learn more about being responsible for ourselves,” Zugel said. 

Some freshman were excited about coming to the high school because of having only five classes a day. But, as we know, this has since changed to having six classes a day.

“In middle school, one of the most exciting things about the high school was having less classes a day, but now that has changed. I wish they would change it back,” Keagan Kronkhite ‘23 said. 

One main complaint the freshman have is the backpacks. This too is a rule that has recently changed that some students don’t like. 

“One main thing that I would change is the backpack rule, it would make our lives a lot easier if we were allowed to carry our bags around the hallways,” Zugel said. 

Gibson also agrees that backpacks would make our lives easier as students. 

“If we were allowed our backpacks, it would cut down on the amount of tardies students receive because we would not need to stop at our locker between every class,” Gibson said.

One freshmen does not think the high school is all it’s cracked up to be. Matthew Prentice-Sao ‘23 enjoyed life in the middle school more than the high school. His opinion stands out amongst the other since some freshmen seem to be enjoying the high school more. 

“Last year I had more fun because the work load was a lot less, I was able to almost fall asleep in my classes which I cannot do in the high school,” Prentice-Sao said. 

The overall reaction to life in the high school has been positive and most freshmen seem to be enjoying the school year so far. Although, students have some criticisms that they believe would make the school a better learning environment for these young adults.