Editor’s review: The Bachelor week two

Katie Anson, Media Editor


Pop the champagne *wink wink* and cue the dramatic music…its Bachelor time.

The claws came out this week and so did the tears. And considering what causes the turmoil in the house this week, I can only imagine what will happen in the weeks to come.

Following Hannah B’s surprise meltdown last week, Peter and the former Bachelorette shared a deep talk while the women on the group date sat around wondering where they’re prince charming had gone. In the end, as anyone could’ve guessed, the whole situation was breezed over and Peter and Hannah said goodbye with a hug. And that…was that. Utterly disappointing, to say the least. I feel like there was no closure but at the same time was there anything to close in the first place? Was there really a question to be answered or was it scripted and totally fake? I question the reality part of reality television.

But Hannah B showing up was not the only surprise Peter had for the women on the group date. At the conclusion of the drama, Peter cancelled the rest of the date and sent the women away to get ready for the cocktail party. This was very upsetting to the girls who were, strangely, eager to share awkward sex stories. Most of the girls, as one would expect, simply shrugged their shoulders and admitted defeat. A few however, the loudest being Natasha, did not shy away from speaking their mind.

The formerly quiet contestant was not afraid to share her disapproval of Hannah B’s repeated appearance. This made her an automatic favorite of mine. I absolutely hate it when the woman pretend that the man they are competing for can do no harm. And Natasha definitely was not pretending that. I have mad respect for her, especially after she used her time alone with him to confront him and let him know she’s not about to waste her time on a heart that isn’t open.

After the group date came the first rose ceremony (the first one that matters IMO). I have to say, it’s not what I was expecting. Its always a shock what women start to stand out and what women fall behind and this cocktail party definitely took me by surprise.

I had no idea who Kelsey was before this cocktail party. All of the sudden she was telling all the other woman about a special bottle of champagne she had been saving for over a year. I have to admit, I felt a little warm and fuzzy when all the women seemed to be supportive of her and her idea to share the bottle with Peter. After setting up the champagne and candles and a blanket, Kelsey took a seat on the couch around the corner and sat patiently waiting for her moment to steal Peter and pop the champagne. So, when she heard the bottle open and she wasn’t the one doing it, all h*ll broke loose.

It was Hannah Ann who was sharing the special champagne with Peter. Kelsey lost her mind and started sobbing. At first I was taken aback at how upset she was over something as little as champagne which I’m pretty sure that mansion has an endless supply of. But then, I understood it. She had been waiting for a long time to share that champagne with someone and that was now ruined. What I did not agree with, however, is her reaction towards Hannah Ann.

Now, I don’t think I particularly like Hannah Ann but, she hasn’t done anything that completely counts her out yet. After finding out the champagne was not hers to open, she apologized (a little dryly but at least she did it) and she explained that she had gotten it mixed up with another bottle across the lawn. Kelsey did not accept this apology. Her response was calling Hannah Ann things I cannot repeat and lowkey attack her.

Regardless of whether or not Hannah Ann did it on purpose (which I doubt because I don’t know what she would’ve gained by doing that), Kelsey should’ve kept her cool a little more than she did and handled it a little more maturely. One, it would’ve been the adult thing to do and two, it would’ve looked better to Peter.

No one significant was sent home at this rose ceremony. To no surprise at all, Hannah Ann and Kelsey got a rose.

Would it be the Bachelor if the feuds didn’t continue for way too long? The Hannah Ann and Kelsey drama continued in to the group date cocktail party. But before we get in to that I want to talk about Victoria F., the fashion show and why the heck Hannah Ann seems to win everything.

First of all, I completely understand why Victoria F. was dreading the fashion show. For someone who is not completely comfortable in their own skin, that can be very nerve-racking. But she literally killed it. She went out there, strutted her stuff and got the job done. She was in the final two…only to be outshone by none other than Hannah Ann. Its infuriating how good she is at everything. But at the same time, if you’ve got the talent and the confidence, why would you not show it off?

And that leads us into the cocktail party, where of course the champagne drama is picked up right where it was left off. Hannah Ann stole Peter away to tell him that she cried herself to sleep over the things Kelsey said and that she felt bullied and harassed. I do actually agree with her a little bit. I think bullying is a little much considering it was a one time thing (as far as we saw) and Kelsey was legitimately mad. But, Kelsey did kind of go off on Hannah Ann even though she apologized and tried to explain herself. Unless it continues after that night though, I don’t think Hannah Ann should’ve brought Peter in to the situation. He was aware of what had happened, talked to both women and it should’ve been left at that. Whatever drama happens after that (as long as it isn’t too extreme or harmful) should be left between the women.

So, in conclusion, the week two drama was underwhelming but also very entertaining and gave me a good laugh.

Here are my top 5 women as of week 2:

  1. Madison
  2. Natasha
  3. Victoria F.
  4. Sydney
  5. Tammy

I’ll be back next Tuesday to review week 3!