Editor’s review: The Bachelor week one

Katie Anson, Media Editor



The Monday blues are a thing of the past, at least for the next few months. My first day back to school, after 16 days of freedom, wore me out. I was tired, my hand was cramping and all I wanted to do was sleep. Until about 6 PM rolled around and I remembered…it was Bachelor Monday.

Being the only one in my household, as well as my friend group, that watches the show, Monday nights at 8 are me time. A time to sit on my bed with snacks and excitement. It’s a guilty pleasure, watching 20+ girls compete for one man’s heart, but it’s what carries me through the week. And the season 24 premiere did not disappoint.

Normally, the premiere episode is simultaneously the most boring and most exciting episode of the season. In previous years the three hour long, week one, episode has included clips of a live watch party hosted by the beloved Chris Harrison. This year, however, did not include live input and that is a blessing. Bachelor nation got three hours of real footage, uninterrupted. A point to Bachelor production for cutting the live viewing party out.

The excitement of the premiere episodes comes from the adrenaline of getting back into a Monday night routine and the joy it brings me to see the cheesy, cringy and outright awful introductions these women do to “stand out”.

I found myself laughing hysterically when contestant Eunice Cho said she would stand out as a flight attendant, followed by two other flight attendants. And I couldn’t help but feel pity for Victoria F. when she told a joke about dry humor, thinking it’d stick in Peter’s mind, only to have to retell him the story of how they met hours later.

The drama started brewing the minute Bachelor alum and former Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, hopped back into a glamorous gown and stepped out of a limo to face a speechless Peter. Not to worry though, she only came to give Peter back the wings he had given her on the first night they met months ago. Or so we thought.

Before we tackle the Hannah Brown drama, I can’t write a review without giving my two cents on the infamous “can I steal you for a sec?” line. A line any member of the Bachelor Nation can tell you will instantly paint a target on your back for the rest of the night and maybe even the season.

At first I thought Mykenna would be crowned the “Peter Thief” of the night but turns out it was Hannah Ann. My thoughts on her are all over the place. I liked her at first but the second another woman in the house tried to confront her and she gave a seemingly ingenuine response, my thoughts on her became less positive. I don’t like to make immediate judgments, though. I like to wait until week three or four before I decide whether I root for them or not.

Now that I’ve covered most of the drama from night one, I can dive in to the Hannah Brown situation.

For those that aren’t aware, Hannah Brown is the most recent Bachelorette and one of the most loved members of the Bachelor franchise. Unfortunately she did not end of staying with the person she chose at the end of her season. Our beloved bachelor, Peter Weber, took third place in Hannah’s season, to many fans dismay.

So, considering the circumstances, I think I speak for all of Bachelor Nation when I say it was shocking to watch Hannah show up to a group date, steal Peter away and indulge in an emotional conversation about how she regrets ever sending him home and even regrets not reaching out to him after her relationship had ended.

In true Bachelor form, the episode left off on a cliff hanger with the question of will Hannah join the competition for Peter’s heart hanging in the balance.

And to think,

This is just the beginning.

I’ll be back with a Week 2 review next Tuesday!