What the Chinese Government doesn’t want the world to know.

What they've been hiding for over two years.


AFP via Getty Images file photo

Arika Estree, Staff Writer

What would you do if you were taken from your home and put in a camp to be told your religion is wrong? 

Over the last two years, China has incarcerated well over one million Turkic Muslims in China’s western region of Xinjiang.

China has wanted the world to stay quiet about this incident. 

China has built multiple detention camps that Beijing has called, “boarding schools” or “re-education camps,” because they say the people in them are there voluntarily, which has been proven untrue. 

Social Studies teacher Brian Huberty says that the purpose of the re-education camps is to re-educate muslims on communist policies. 

“They want the religious people of the Chinese citizens to limit their religious expression to zero,” says Huberty. 

The incentive for China to initiate a genocide against Muslims is because they want to convert them into supporters of their Communist Party. 

The Chinese government says that their detention camps are state-mandated, and strictly used to fight against Islamic extremism. 

Tristan Sanderson ‘20, is well known for being up to date on current events. He has some strong opinions on the events. 

“I don’t think that the response of western countries is big enough. The countries around are letting China get away with this when it could be stopped,” Sanderson said. 

He goes on to say that the response from the United States isn’t big enough either, and there could be a lot more done to help those people.

While people have many questions for the Chinese government, they refuse to share information about what goes on in these camps, and prevent anyone from a foreign country from examining them. 

News reports say that some women who have escaped from the camps and fled from China successfully have said they were forced to undergo abortions without anesthesia, or have contraceptive devices forced inside of them as a part of being at the re-education center. 

They also said they were forced to sexual humiliation in the camps. 

It is important for people to know what’s going on in the world around them, and becoming informed about the actions of China against Muslims could be a good place for students to start.