The price is NOT right.

Students are questioning the price of their school lunches.


Halli Davidson

Students socialize at lunch while eating over priced snacks and beverages

Cameron Augustine, Staff Writer

I’m buying a full lunch during 2nd lunch, and I go to pay for my food and see that it costs me around $10.00!! That is an insane price for a school lunch, and I think this is an issue.

If you are a student and don’t have enough money to afford a full lunch from the cafeteria, then this is a big problem because everyone needs fuel every day and most people can’t function normally without it. If you don’t have enough money then you can’t get those lunch items which can cause you to do poorly in school and not pay attention.

Everything in this school is so overpriced. Plainwell High School is charging students $2.00 for one Mountain Dew Kickstart and the meals just get pricier.  At other high schools and fast food places a pack of two Bosco Sticks usually cost around $1 to $2.00. At Plainwell High School they cost around $3.00 for just one pack which still includes only two sticks. 

You could say the same about the Mt.Dew Kickstarts because it is $2.00 for one and that makes $4.00 for two. If you want something tangy or sweet to drink with a nice kick of caffeine then I think this is a pretty good choice, but at this price it just swipes it off the table. People could argue it is because they need to make profit off of buying all of the food and providing for the students but that is ridiculous.  

How can they expect high school students to pay for all of this food, especially sophomores and freshmen because they don’t usually have a job or a very good paying one at that.  This stuff may not seem so expensive at first but it adds up, and it adds up fast. Everything is super overpriced and I think that it should all be lowered by at least $1.00, maybe a little more for the more expensive items.

You can sign up for free or reduced lunches but a new application must be completed every year and within 30 days of the beginning of the school year. Although this is a pretty good solution for some people, this doesn’t work for everyone. Not everybody will fit the requirements of the free or reduced lunches and their parents still won’t pay for their meals. Some kids go through the day with little to no food in their stomachs and it’s just terrible.

It may be hard for the school to lower the prices considering they need to pay to give us a good education, but I think if they did a couple of fundraisers then that could fix that issue. They could do things like sell food and snacks to family and friends or do things for Breast Cancer Awareness month, for instance. They could send students home with a packet and help raise money for the fundraiser and the school and everyone would be happy.

Everything is way too pricey for most students. There are current solutions but they are very limited and not everybody fits the requirements to get the help they need. It is clear that everybody needs to eat so I don’t know why the prices are so high, they should be lowered by at least $1.00, maybe a little more. I understand that they need to make money off of the system so they can afford to keep our education system running.  

But this just isn’t the way; the prices just aren’t good for less fortunate students. It’s all just way too much money for a High School student to be paying just to eat lunch and breakfast.