Break out your blue and white…its homecoming week!

Homecoming week is around the corner, a frenzy of spirit days and excitement. This year senate went outside the normal spirit days and got creative. 

The spirit days this year are dad day, college shirt day, powderpuff support, TikTok day, and blue and white day.

 “Dad day is the only cool one, TikTok day [is] cringy,” said Justin Edgington ‘20.

Following previous years, a majority of the students think these spirit days go above and beyond.

“I think they really stepped up their game from last year,” said Riley Nugent ‘22.

Some students believe that spirit days and activities are only fun if everyone gets involved.

“They could be fun if people actually participated,” said Ricky Miller ‘20.

  Tickets for the dance will go on sale starting October 9 and run until the 26 for 7 dollars. 

Jayley Streeter ‘20 is in charge this year and decided the theme would be Old Haunted Hotel–or The Starr Road Inn.

 The inspiration came from wanting the dance to be “unique and unlike anything we’ve ever done,” said Streeter.

She plans on keeping the theme by incorporating “grave stones, floating candles, old photographs, and so much more,” said Streeter 

Although the chaperones have not been finalized, Katie Wingle and Andrea Villarreal have promised to come back as the famous dynamic duo.

 “I keep chaperoning because Wingle and I really like to dance ourselves,” said Villarreal. 

“Honestly, I chaperone because I was a super shy kid in high school and I thinks it’s funny to go now that I don’t care what people think of me,” said Wingle.

There are a few downsides to chaperoning and attending the dance. Most commonly complained about is the temperature and the bad music.

“The worst part about the dance is the heat, it gets so hot in there,” said Plainwell high school (PHS) english teacher, Nick Richardson.

There is a “wristband” policy in place to keep handsy couples from getting too comfortable at the dance. The first offence gets your wristband cut and if you are caught again, without a wristband, you are removed from the dance.

The teachers who chaperone are ready with scissors as they watch over the students.

“My criteria for cutting wristbands is once everyone around them starts to look really uncomfortable,” said Richardson.  

 “In order for me to cut a wristband it would have to be really obscene” said Villarreal.

Overall most students will say that school dances are something everyone should experience at least once, as it is quite a unique experience.

And to all PHS students, don’t forget to get your tickets at lunch this week! They will increase to $10 if you wait to get them at the door! And keep up with spirit week activities on our Instagram (@thetrojantorch) and twitter (@thetrojantorch)!