Highschool Talent Show 2019


Andrew Hansen

The talent show performers line up for a mighty applause.

Korbin Ridderman, Editor


You pass by students in the halls all the time. We have locker buddies, classmates we sit next to, but only a few of the people we meet do we actually take the time to know. There are ton of faces we see everyday but do you ever stop to think “what are they good at? What are their skills? What do they enjoy doing”?

Now is your chance to find out. Come to the Performing Arts Center Wednesday, April 10 at 6 p.m., to see the hidden talents of the people you you never took a second glance at. There you can see humorous skits, musical duets and solos, and even dance performances.

Senate adviser Andrew Hansen is in charge of making sure that all the facilities are reserved and ready.

We started the talent show probably about 4-5 years ago, after Mr. Cahoon(former choir teacher) retired, and the choir/band weren’t doing Collage anymore….So we stepped in to create a space for students to display their talent,” he said. “It gives our students a chance to showcase their talent, and/or come out and have fun.

He also has the help of the two student senators Grace Ruimveld ‘22, and Addison Williams ‘22, who plan meetings, schedule timing, make announcements to promote the show, and more.

The talent show can spice things up in your routine; giving you something besides your monotone schedule. It can let you see your classmates in a different light.

“I think that they will be reminded that it is not just boring high school,” said Williams.

An example of this is Student Savana Daniels ‘22,;she plans to perform I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.

“My aunt and uncle got married to it. I don’t get to see them a lot ‘cause they used to live in Alaska, and now Montana, and I want to do something for them,” she said.

And don’t forget that a key characteristic of a talent show is the talent. “Personally I like listening to live art, and singing is live art… it is beauty. It takes actual guts to get on stage and sing, and I admire that.” said Ruimveld.

Students who want to see the beautiful performances, get a peek into these student’s lives, or to be moral support for a friend should consider attending the talent show.