Thoughts About the Upcoming Spring Break


Avery Peters

Nothing says spring break like kissing a dolphin.

Simon Terpstra, Staff Writer


From beachgoers soaking up UV rays, to wilderness explorers bathing in a remote waterfall, spring break is a time for travel, memories, or simply pure relaxation. Many students are traveling far distances for a week full of activities while others are setting up camp on the couch for a videogame marathon. Taking a look into the plans of our students, they share their excitment with us.

“Being warm and scuba diving,” says Bella Torres ‘20 as she prepares to embark on her trip. This is what she is looking forward to most while exploring Can Cun, Mexico. Blue water and palm trees draws many visitors to Can Cun. All of the Spring Break desires will be fullfilled here. Just remember to not forget the sunscreen.

“Relaxing,” is what Josh Debates ‘19 plans on doing in Puerto Rico. A common theme, taking a break from class work and enjoying the blistering sun while sipping a strawberry daiquiri (virgin of course). School is stressful, and vacation is the cure. It might just take a swim with the fish to relieve the brain of math problems.

“I can not wait to go snorkeling. It is fun to do new experiences,” said Debates. Adventuring is the main source of fun for some vacationers, but others like a mix of both. A day of fun yet tiring excersice must be followed with a day of sand and jacuzzis.

With some are heading to warmth, and others to the mountains, many students have their minds set on other priorities.

“Finally being able to sleep for once,” said Harrison Lohman ‘19 while he expliained his plans for the break. Catching up on z’s is the go to activity for those not leaving. The couch is another popular choice.

“Grinding Apex Lengends will keep me occupied,” said Lohman. Video games such as Apex and Fortnite will keep kids up all night, and have them sleeping all day.

No matter where you are traveling to over this next week, good times, lots of laughs, and even better memories are in store for the stay-at-homers, and the vacation junkies. Bon Voyage!