Stop Double Parking!

Kenedie Booden, Staff Writer

You’re driving through the senior parking lot at 7 a.m. looking for a spot and you find a close one. You go to pull in and realize there’s not enough room. The big, gaudy truck next to the spot is taking up well over one space.

Double parking is common in the high school parking lots and causing major uproar throughout the school.

“I hate when people double park. Their car isn’t even nice and besides, you’re not entitled to anything,” said Mackenzie Martin ‘19.

This is the argument that people have against others who take up more than one parking space. It also goes with the notion that parking lot etiquette is to be followed: one car, one space.

“Taking up two spaces is rude and makes it even harder to find a spot,” said Josie Curry ‘19.

Although some students think it’s the worst crime in the school, others disagree.

“I park in two spots to keep my car from getting scratches and dents from others,” said Zac McClenny ‘19.

In this case, keeping a space between the cars keeps them nice and damageless. Parking over one space may cause uproar, but it will not go away.

“I used to take up two spaces but since I don’t anymore I can’t judge those who do,” Alex Harrington ‘19.

Overall, double parking is a real issue in our school today. Maybe we should be focusing less on the juniors parking in our lot and more on the students using more than one spot for their precious cars.