Mock Elections 2019


Kenedie Booden

Mock election poster for 2019.

Trysten Whittington, Staff Writer

Mock elections have been a high school tradition for as long as people can remember. Parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents can talk to us about about their funny “Mock Elections.”

But the class of 2019 is doing it their way…. Drama stirred, punches were thrown, and fights were fought.

The Mock election results can be seen at the “T”; there you will see that two of the elections are cut from the large paper… These elections were cut from the paper listing the results because the students who were elected were very mad about this decision. The categories were worst driver and class heartbreaker. Traditionally, there is a male and female chosen for each category.

There were some mock election results this year that were said to be to “brutal” Others would say that some of these students are taking these elections way too seriously and are getting very worked up about it. Mock elections are supposed to be a joke, hence the name “mock.”

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I think I have changed a lot over the four years,” said Anna Pruess ‘19, who was chosen for Most Changed.

The complete list is as follows:

Class Heartbreaker: Avery Peters and Tristan James

Biggest Bromance: Caleb Rogers and Korbin Ridderman
Best Sisterhood: Maddi Riston and Maci Biesada

Class Couple: Madison Rice and Ryan Maturen

Most Athletic: Shanyn Jewell and Isaac Davis

Best Driver: Madeline English and Thomas Engelmann

Best Hair: Haylie Chamberlin and Trysten Whittington

Best Eyes: Mackenzie Martin and Jacob Leeger

Best Style: Claire Boso and Gabe Torres

Take Home to Mom: Rachel Bosch and Grant Winenger

Most Spirited: Olivia Barnhart and Ben Harnden

Most Dramatic: Haleigh Hayford and Trey Morrison

Most Artistic: Alivia Ayers and Nate VanDerboon

Techno Nerd: Kenny Bainbridge and Nathan Rachel

Best Laugh: Ian Granzow and Gabby Evans

Class Flirt: Naomi Lutz and James Seaver

Class Twins: Nolan and Kennedie Troff

Class Clown: Caleb Harrington and Lindsey DeVisser

Class Rebel: Mackenzie Hovencamp and Alex Herrington

Worst Senioritis: Julia Widman and Carter VanDerHoff

Worst Driver: Hannah Crosby and Scott Deneau

Best Smile: Kenedie Booden and Zach McClenny

Biggest Brainiac: Naomi DeLaet and Jared Perez

Most Sarcastic: Ashleigh Freestone and Dylan Hayes

Most Changed: Anna Preuss and Rylan Betts

Class Mom and Dad: Hailee Lamorandier and Ryan Leeger

Most Musically Talented: Delaney Lentz and Hunter Button

Most Opinionated: Josie Curry and Tanner Callahan

Workaholic: Daisy Bennett and Luke Sutherland

Teacher’s Pet: Leah Brady and David Kohns