Tips For Moving on From a Break-Up


Jenna VanDyk

Lindsey Devisser smiles and knows everything is going to be okay after reading these helpful hints.

Genevieve Gavitt, Staff Writer

Having to go through a breakup is a very hard time period for many people. Here are a few tips to help you get through this hard time.

Crying all you want can help with releasing stress from the breakup. Its a healthy way of releasing grief and pain. You may not want to because you’ll be afraid you won’t stop, but you will.

Find some emotional support. Talk to other single people or have some fun with a few friends. Don’t try to tough it out or go alone anywhere. Support from others is crucial and helps with the healing process.

Do something to help heal. Whether it be exercise, reading a good book, or watching a good show or movie, having a good distraction is always good when you’re first starting out being single again.

Don’t let your ex hang around you like a dark cloud. If your he/she still hangs around you or calls you frequently, tell them you can’t heal with them around and kindly ask them to keep their distance. If they continue to not leave you alone, call some friends to help back you up.

Try to keep busy. Take a walk outside, go out to eat, or do something around the house. Try going shopping or go to a movie mid-day. If you work, some businesses let you take a “mental-health day” if you really need it. If your breakup is not letting you sleep, watch tv or read, don’t just sit in your room and sulk. You have all the time you need to heal, and people ready to help you.

Don’t try to mask your pain by finding a replacement. Rebound relationships happen mostly when you unconsciously use another person to fill the gap in your heart created when you first break up with your ex. These types of relationships can feel healing in the beginning, but it’ll only hurt you both in the long run. Even if you think you feel something with them, you won’t be able to fully commit to the relationship.

Don’t spend too much time alone. Hang out with your friends, or make some new ones. Go out with someone you can talk to, or do something for your community with your friends. You will need some time alone, but don’t isolate yourself. You won’t be able to process your feelings on your own.

Have trust your feelings. Even if you were taken by surprise breaking up, your conscience is telling you something important. Listen to it, and you know you’ll be okay. You just have to let your feelings guide you through.

Take your time. Don’t go and buy an expensive item or move away to another town. Major changes like these only mean you’re avoiding your feelings. You have to believe that with a little time and patience, you’ll feel better and find love again.

Do a little research. Ask others who’ve gone through the same thing you have. Getting advice from those who’ve experienced heartbreak and surpassed it, can inspire you to do the same.

These tips can help you to move on, and move on without regrets from your previous relationship.