Tik Tok is The New Vine?


Jenna Vandyke

Makeznie Martin checks out the new Tik Tok app.

Julia Galovan, Staff Writer

I’m sure everyone remembers Vine– a 6-second video platform gone far too soon. Teens everywhere shared their love for the hilarious and iconic videos that adults would never really understand. Vine has now been “replaced” with a new social media app called Tik Tok.

Tik Tok has a very similar concept to Vine; it is also a media app for sharing and creating short videos.

Vine launched in 2013 and by December 2015 it had over 200 million active users. Yet the fame was short lived and the app shut down in 2016.

“When Vine died, I died a little bit inside too,” said Sarah Roberts ‘19.

Nowadays,  teens cherish the countless Vine compilations posted on youtube– although it’s not the same as being able to access the actual app.

“I think Vine was funnier than other social media today because we were all so young and it was easy to make us laugh,” said Winenger.

It’s extremely safe to say that social media has gone downhill since the death of Vine in 2016.

Vine has attempted to be replaced by the trashiest app of all– Tik Tok (formerly known as Musical.ly). Grant Winenger ‘19 also agreed.

“It’s just a sad version of Vine,” said Winenger.

The quality between Vine and Tik Tok cannot even be compared.

“I haven’t downloaded the app because I would feel a whole lot lower in life if I had it on my phone,” said Winenger.

“Me neither, I think if you have enough time to spend on that app you should really re-evaluate your life choices,” said Daisy Bennett ‘19.

The saddest part is that it just seems to be another form of social media that masks how people truly are in real life. Vine was comedic, vulnerable, and something people could bond over. Tik Tok is uncomfortable and kinda creepy.  

“Back then when we had Vine, people didn’t try to be cool, they were just weird and funny. They didn’t care. Now kids try so hard to fit in and be cool,” said Winenger.

Tik Tok is most famously known for being really cringey. 99 percent of the videos are of people dancing uncomfortably or lip syncing. There’s absolutely no comedy, just a bunch of kids acting really full of themselves.

“There’s a lot of strange humans on that site,” said Winenger.

It’s pretty much a teen-dominated app, with the majority of users being between the ages of 13 and 18. Although this doesn’t stop creepy 40-year-old men from downloading it and posting lip syncing videos. It’s not a pretty picture.

It’s cool to let people do whatever they want without judgment, but I think the social media world can do a lot better than pointless videos like the ones found on Tik Tok. Let’s bring some real comedy back into play.

If you want to see how terrible the app is, just download it. Take this as a warning though, it might ruin your day.