New Kim Possible. Possibly Good?


Olivia Barnhart, Staff Writer

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So what’s the sitch with this new Kim Possible movie? I’m sure we all remember the iconic animated Disney series from our childhood. However, Disney is attempting to recreate the Kim Possible series as a live-action original movie.

Their new film announcement invoked many mixed feelings from the public; Some felt that it should be done better than a low-budget Disney film, others were excited to see their childhood show take a new form.

Despite the backlash, Disney continued producing the film which aired on February 15 of this year. I tried to go into this movie with an open mind, remembering that times have changed since 2002 (when the show first aired), but honestly it was difficult to separate my nostalgia from this movie.

So let’s start this movie review with the terrible beginning. Two words: Slime Scientist? The whole opening scene was the worst of the entire movie and probably the most expensive. The villain wasn’t relevant, the effects were poorly done, and all in all it made no sense. This scene essentially served as an introduction to the characters and showed viewers what Kim Possible looks like in action.

But let’s be real, all it did was set a cheesy beginning for the rest of an arguably decent movie. Take this actual quote from the end of the opening scene: “I promise to only use my slime for good from now on”. Like what????

This scene set the tone for the first half of the movie, with hard to watch scenes of awkward “friend” interactions that were just uncomfortable and did not sound natural. The secondary characters were bland and hard to watch, like the character Bonnie Walker, Kim’s enemy since pre-k.

Another thing I noticed right off the bat was the casting for this movie. Before it had even aired, there was much buzz on the internet voicing opinions about the choice. In the live action rendition Kim Possible is played by a new face to the movie scene: Sadie Stanley.

This teenage redhead debuts alongside a familiar face in the entertainment industry: Sean Giambrone. Giambrone has appeared in many films and television shows such as The Goldbergs, I Heart Shakey,and many others. In this production of Kim Possible, Giambrone plays the goofy yet loveable sidekick, Ron Stoppable.  

Sean Giambrone was a great choice for this role. His personality, mannerisms, even his voice all fit the character perfectly. Kim on the other hand, could have been casted better. Stanley’s acting was decent, and some of her emotional scenes were pretty realistic.

However, her action scenes were cheesy and obviously edited. To quote famous youtuber Drew Gooden in reference to the new Kim Possible, “She doesn’t even…run good”. Regardless of physical abilities, Sadie Stanley just didn’t fit her character’s personality from the original series.

Following the terrible opening scene, the plot developed to focus on Kim’s transition in to high school. I feel it accurately portrayed what it is like to start high school (even though it was represented by a 14 year old super spy). That was one surprising aspect of the new Kim Possible movie, it really showed what it was like to step into high school and try to stabilize to all the adjustments. It’s stresses, ups, downs, and everything in between.

This movie may have been a reboot for the nostalgia of now 17,18, or 19 year olds, but it was aimed more towards younger ages. Live action Kim Possible was a great idea, but Disney’s budget, casting, and target audiences made it more like Kim Probably than Kim Possible. It seemed like this movie idea would create a new hit that both older and younger generations can appreciate. However, after viewing this movie myself I can tell you that the new Kim Possible is so not the drama.