Who rules the world? Volleyball girls

Plainwell volleyball brings the fire! A new year means new competition. Starting off well and ending last years season with 15-12-2, who says the volleyball team doesn’t rule? Varsity captains Kyrstin George ‘14, Kerry Swain ‘14, and Kelsey Phillips ‘14, agree that their volleyball team is rocking the season.


Plainwell volleyball has had a great record the past few years, which makes the conference teams hungry to beat them.


“We’ve always had a target on our backs and we’re always the ones to beat,” said Phillips. “We’re staying strong.” When the team is down, Phillips’s pep talks bring back the energy.


“Our season is going better from where we’ve started,” said George. The momentum is passed around frequently between opponents.


“It’s our job to keep it (the momentum),” said Phillips. Plainwell is at the top of their game by using form and skill; all the necessities to beat the odds.


“Women’s sports are very competitive,” admits Swain. “I like the intensity.” Over the years, Plainwell has developed strong players, leading to overall victories and crushing rivals. Volleyball seems like an easy sport to play, but is it really the closer you look?


The captains claim volleyball is as tough as football.


“Men think it’s so easy. It takes skill. There’s so much more to it than they think,” said Swain.

Volleyball takes hand-eye coordination while hanging over the net for the last set spike and getting low for the first pass of the match.


“Whatever it may be, football doesn’t concentrate on step by step movements like the volleyball team,” said Phillips. “They underestimate us.”


“Women’s sports are very competitive,” admits Swain. “I like the intensity.”

The team is currently overall numbered 4,412 on the national level and ranked 171 in the state of Michigan. These girls are headed toward a lot of success. With hard work and the practices they attend, the volleyball team is bound to finish the season with a great record.