Super Bowl XLIX approaches

By: Karlee Gauthier and Aaryn Jewell


It’s that time of the year, tension becomes high between friends, the murmur of football talk all over the school, the Super Bowl is here once again. The New England Patriots, and the Seattle Seahawks will go head to head on Sunday, Feb. 1 at 6:30 PM.

“I don’t like Tom Brady, he has won it too many times,” says Kyler Castro ‘15. It is also partly out of jealousy, because he is a big Chicago Bears fan.

Taking a poll of random classes in the school, out of 100 people, 48 voted for seahawks, 26 voted for Patriots, and 26 did not care. It will be an interesting matchup as both teams records are 12-4.

Many allegations of deflated footballs on the Patriot’s side turn fans to the Seahawks. Though some fans show their loyalty after many years of winning.

“I am definitely rooting for the Patriots. They’re my team, and the Seahawks are just cocky jerks,” says Kaylie Colyer ‘15.

For the certain percentage that don’t care for the superbowl, and just watch for the commercials, 15 New companies bought commercials during the superbowl this year including mcdonalds, Pepsi, and Snickers, with returning buyers including Doritos, and Coca-Cola.

No matter if you’re rooting for Patriots or Seahawks, be ready for some crude smack talk, and a good game.