Online Option for Next Year?

McKenna Hochstedler

The transition from going to school full time to completely online was a huge jump for many students. However, there was still about 200 students that chose to stay online when the shift back to in-person classes occurred. This leads to the question of whether or not online classes will be an option next year.

Both Superintendent Matthew Montange and Principal Jeremy Wright confirmed that this would be an option.

  Yes, there will be a fully online option for students. Right now, we are scheduling everybody as if they are coming in. But we will have an option to switch to fully virtual. It will look different than this year,” said Wright. 

Although it is an option, this does not mean that it is going to be advertised as an option as heavily as it was this year. Instead, they are scheduling everyone as if they were going to be coming back to school full time next year. They have also not finalized exactly what the online option is going to look like next year.

There are several teachers that do not want to have to do Zooms next year due to the difficultness of teaching to both in-person and online students. Several teachers have even gotten rid of the option to Zoom this trimester if it is not absolutely necessary. However, this has not gone unnoticed and has become evident to a large amount of the students. 

“I’ve noticed it’s hard for the teachers to pay attention to the kids in class and the ones on Zoom,” said Maija Crosby ‘22.

The issues with learning online were not isolated to Crosby, but also affected other students. 

“All you get is busy work and they don’t put much focus on the online students,” said Grace Gritter ‘22.

Students who chose to be online third trimester are quickly coming to the realization that in order to learn effectively they need more time with the teacher. However, this is not possible when a majority of the students in the class are in person. The decision by students to go online next year is going to have to largely depend on their own self discipline and ability to complete work without live teaching.

Although Crosby faced some adversity during her online learning experience, she still supports the idea of having online as an option next year. “I think it should be an option especially for the kids who live far away but still go to Plainwell,” said Crosby. 

Online schooling is an opportunity for students to avoid difficult situations such as lack of transportation and allows students who learn better on themselves to have the option. 

“Some kids are learning better this way,” said Crosby.

Although online learning may not work well for everyone it might still good for it to be an option offered to all students. This is a change that could allow students to thrive in school and make the necessary adjustments they need to do well in school.